Integrated Freedom
The indication that we live in the middle of military economies, technologies and territories is mostly out of the range of our sight. Integrated freedom is a photographic project about how a familiar element of the dutch landscape has been recently re-applied into modern security systems.
In the middle of The Hague, international city of Peace and Justice, stands the International Zone: a place where international organizations and residential areas coexist. Mostly collocated far from populated areas, International Zones necessitate elevated security measures which consequently present themselves in a very prominent and visible aspects. Fences and high walls would have too much impact on citizens of a semi-residential area, and this is why The Hague’s international Zone is also considered as a testing ground for new security measures.
So how do we make security and freedom coexist? The dunes, a historical and familiar element of the dutch landscape have been re-used to solve security requirements in an inventive yet questionable way. Thanks to their wavy qualities, the dune-scape blends buildings and environment into one composition, achieving maximum security with minimum visibility. Integrated freedom analyzes the landscape of The Hagueʼs international Zone by unfolding two realities: the one we perceive and the one we do not.

Integrated Freedom is a project commissioned by Humanity House Museum, 2018
Dutch Government’s censorship. Cluster Kazernes, view from google earth, 2005
Eurojust, view from google earth, 2016.
Fort Nieuwe Steeg, 1878. Archival reference.
Sperfort Pannerden, 1869. Archival reference.

International Criminal Court's Security Systems embedded in the dune landscape on the edge of the Meyendel Natural Reserve.

“Security is a more politically acceptable way of describing what was traditionally defence.”

Quote by Tim Robison, senior vice-president of Thales’ Security Division

52°06’21.9” N 4°19’08.6”E
52°05’36.3” N 4°16’56.0”E
52°05’35.3” N 4°16’56.8”E

Integrated Freedom, Humanity House Museum, The Hague